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We get asked often for our recommendation on the best yoga video, so we put this page together for you to help you choose the best of a growing group of yoga vidoes.

Below you will find information on yoga for toning your butt, yoga videos for reducing stress, yoga videos for toning your abdominals, even yoga videos for prenatal mothers.

Are you someone who likes to take yoga group training, but finds that you can't always make it as much as you would like and would like to supplement your yoga training with yoga videos you can view at home?

Perhaps you are someone who doesn't like attending group training, or just can't make the fixed schedule trainings, but you still want to get the benefits of assisted yoga training? Yoga videos are a terrific way to still get the guidance you want, but without the hassle of having to attend fixed group trainings.

You have probably already noticed, there are MANY yoga videos on the market today, in fact, it's rather overwhelming to understand which one will best serve you given the particular yoga asanas you prefer and whether you are a beginner or more intermediate yoga enthusiast.

Yoga Video For Beginners - A Superb Yoga Course

I have to begin by saying I went through at least 6 different Yoga books and yoga videos before I came across this complete, easy-to-follow yoga video course.

Quite frankly, the other yoga videos I watched were all missing key aspects of yoga. Some of the yoga videos were too fashionable and missed the key spiritual aspect that is such an important aspect of achieving successful results with yoga, while other yoga courses were clearly missing the practical aspects of exactly what asanas and techniques to follow first, second, third, and so on...

If you are looking for a basic yoga video that covers aspects such as weight loss, flexibility, stress reduction, increased relaxation, improving your attention - concentration and focus then you will find this video a great way to achieve your goals in an enjoyable, fast way:

Your Basic Yoga Video Is Right Here: YogaFit Basics Yoga Video

Yoga Video For Toning Your Butt

Having trouble walking in front of a mirror without your eyes immediately being drawn to your butt? Wonder if Yoga can help you to work on your abdominals, butt and thighs? The answer is absolutely.

One of the great aspects of yoga is that you can focus your flexibility, strength and toning impact on very specific areas of your body, making a yoga video that explains exactly how to tone and tighten your butt and abdominals highly effective and very rewarding.

Find Your YogaButt Work Out Video Here: YogaButt Workout Video

Yoga Video For Prenatal Workout

Don't worry, just because you are pregnant and your body is changing rapidly, you still have a superb choice for practicing yoga.

I had a friend having her third child, who had a history of difficult pregnancies and bouts of depression. Through her most recent pregnancy she tried yoga and it had an incredible impact both physically and mentally.

What you really want is to know which yoga asanas are safe for you throughout your pregnancy. It's been difficult to find quality yoga videos to help you through yoga pregnancy, but that has changed - we found one we highly recommend:

YogaFit PreNatal Video: Yoga Video For PreNatal Mothers

As you can see, there are many yoga video options available today to help you no matter what your interest or goal may be.

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