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There are many ways to get yoga instruction including: in-home video instruction, 1:1 yoga personal training, yoga instructional classes, yoga instruction retreats and even online yoga instruction and certification.

We have found that mixing multiple methods of yoga instruction to be the most useful. Starting off with a class is great for everyone except those that feel self-conscious or will feel threatened in group situations.

You will find yoga instruction opportunities in most large and medium cities - and even most small towns now offer some for of yoga instruction.

Seek out well trained yoga instructors - someone who can present certificates of training from better known yoga certification programs such as NESTA.

In any case, any 1:1 or group yoga instruction should allow you to try out a class first, giving you a better idea of the program and how it will fit with your goals.

A yoga instruction option that is gaining momentum and popularity is online yoga training. One of our favorite sites is:

The Yoga Learning Center

With this terrific yoga online instruction, you get the benefit of a constantly updated set of yoga instruction videos and audios from some of the world's leading yogi's and yoga instructors. You get the benefit of accessing hundreds of dollars in videos for one very low price and get to see the latest innovations in yoga instruction.

You also get the added advantage of a private members forum where you can chat with other yoga students, get your questions answered or just have fun enjoying your yoga instruction.

You can start your free trial right now over at:

The Yoga Learning Center

You could be a beginner or intermediate yoga student, you will still benefit from the large number of asanas, poses and yoga instruction offered at this online site.

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