Yoga Bag

It's important that you protect your yoga equipment with a durable and stylish yoga bag.

Whether you take regular yoga lessons, want to change locations or go over to a friend's house to practice yoga, your yoga bag will make a fashion statement while protecting your valuable equipment.

Some important aspects to look for in a yoga bag are:

  • Is your yoga bag durable?
  • Your yoga bag should come with a comfortable strap
  • How does it close, we like drawstrings
  • How many colors do you have to choose from?
  • Am I getting the best price on my yoga bag?

A favorite yoga bag of ours, meeting the criteria above is listed below.

Deluxe Jacquard Yoga Mat Bag

Deluxe Jacquard Yoga Mat Bag

This Yoga or Pilates mat bag has a drawstring closure top for easy access, an adjustable shoulder strap and stylish nickel fittings.

Another option is to go with a full workout bag, doubling as a yoga bag with ample room for your yoga mat and a towel. The nice part about this solution is you can use the bag for more than just yoga, I know we have a few exercise bags that we've used for everything from normal workouts, squash, and even long trips as well as yoga.

Urban Yoga Bag from Wai Lana Yoga

Urban Yoga Bag from Wai Lana Yoga

No matter where you work out, this sleek yet durable canvas bag is a classic. Features include a fully lined and padded interior, two-way zipper, and convenient exterior pockets. Roomy enough for a yoga or Pilates mat plus a towel and other accessories, this versatile bag is a practical fashion essential!

Whatever choice you make, a yoga bag is a good investment preventing you from the embarassment of having to collect all of your yoga equipment and trudge out in public looking like a real beginner.

Avoid the embarassment, look like a pro and get yourself one of these fashionable yoga bags.

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